Explicit Direct Instruction for English Learners


Boost achievement for English learners in all subject areas!

Every teacher of English learners struggles with the very same issue. How do you build language skills at the same time that you’re teaching new content? That balancing act is about to get a whole lot easier. In this step-by-step guide, John Hollingsworth and Silvia Ybarra combine the best of educational theory, brain research, and data analysis to bring you explicit direct instruction (EDI): a proven method for creating and delivering lessons that help every student learn more and learn faster.

Teachers across all grades and subjects will learn how to

  • Craft lessons that ELs can learn the first time they’re taught
  • Check for understanding throughout each lesson
  • Embed vocabulary development across the curriculum
  • Address listening, speaking, reading, and writing in all lessons—thus meeting the goal of the Common Core

Featuring sample lessons, classroom examples, and boxed features, this accessible handbook provides the tools you need to become an EDI expert—and see real results from your English learners every day.

“What a great addition to every teacher’s toolkit! The authors show us how to include language acquisition in every lesson: It’s just ‘good teaching’ for ELs!”
—Amy Nichols Webb, ESL Teacher
Hillcrest Elementary School, Morristown, TN

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